So your test was cancelled, huh?



There are no two ways about it. Many students have been preparing since December to take an SAT, and this latest cancellation was a shot through the heart.

If you need to scream at the top of your lungs and curse the test prep gods, you’re totally justified in doing so.

Once you’re done, though, let’s look at the bright side.

The good news

In March, PA Governor Wolf shut down 100% of SAT testing sites in the state.

In May and June, Collegeboard made the decision to cancel 100% of SAT testing.

In August, though, Collegeboard left it up to the test centers. And only about 60% have cancelled. This means 40% of testing centers are still holding the test.

This is progress. However, for August the key was picking a test center that would actually go through with testing.

I know the temptation is to give up, and just apply test optional. But if you’ve waited this long—what’s another month?!

You’re still better off applying with a test score

As we discussed in this article, even if a school is allowing students to apply test optional, non-submitters are about 10% less likely to be admitted when compared to submitters. The vast majority of students who choose to apply without a score will be at a competitive disadvantage.

You have time

So don’t give up! Most regular decision deadlines are January 1st, but even most early decision deadlines are as late as November 1st. This means there are still 1-3 more opportunities to take the SAT for most students.

Find a new test date and Test Centers that Haven’t Cancelled Yet

There are many fall test dates from which to choose from for a reschedule, the next dates are September 26th, October 3rd, November 7th, and December 5th.

September 26th

For the September 26th date, here are three high schools in Reading, PA that haven’t cancelled the August SAT yet, all of which are offering the September 26th SAT test.

Additional Schools Available for SAT registration

For October 3rd, there are more available spots at local high schools than in September. In addition to the above Reading, PA high schools, here are more local schools that haven’t cancelled the August SAT yet.

Picture of Available Registration Sites
Picture of Available Registration Sites
Picture of available testing sites

While I am giving you suggestions, always make sure to call schools and college counselors before making plans. Test center status is always changing, but the hope is to look at the current data to make the most informed decision possible.

Get a Plan

If you’ve been doing test prep, which tests haven’t you done yet? While the official SAT guide includes just 8 tests, you can find about a dozen more online with a simple google search. Make a list of them and plan to complete one test per week.

Every time you grade a test, spend that week targeting your errors on Khan Academy and aim to make a little improvement each week.

I even made this useful spreadsheet to help students decipher Khan Academy skill categories that are not especially revealing.

It will all be over in 3 months

I know you want to quit. I know you want to give up. But in just 3 months, it will all be over—your last applications will be in, and you’ll be cruising in your last semester of high school.

Take a week off if you need to, but then get back on track.

You’ve got this.

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Kathy Henderson

Mother of Radnor HS Student

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