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Study Skills Tutoring

We know what it feels like to not do well in school.

Our Founder, Andre Kiss, was not always a stellar student. In fact, in 8th grade, while struggling with typical pressures of being a teen, he received a 59 as his final grade in Algebra I, and he knew very little Algebra going into high school.

“I felt stupid, worthless, and like I had let down those around me. Worst of all, I felt like I let myself down.”, he recounts.

Just 4 years after that fateful grade of 59, he turned around his poor performance and received a 97 average in AP Calculus. That transformation inspired him to help other students who are falling short, students who know they are capable of better.

How long does a student need Study Skills tutoring?

Many companies offer study skills tutoring indefinitely, without an end goal in sight. Our ultimate goal is to get your child to be academically self-sufficient, which means we won’t offer tutoring that isn’t needed. After every 6 sessions, we reevaluate whether a student would continue benefiting from their Study Skills Coach or whether he or she is ready to spread their wings and fly!

What do you work on in Study Skills tutoring?

1st Approach We Follow


How is your child organizing their assignments? How are they organizing their time? Which assignments are most important? Where do important papers get stored? We’ll dig in and see where your child can improve.

2nd Approach We Follow


How is your child using their time? Do they have a plan of attack for how they will spend the free time in their schedule?

3rd Approach We Follow

Memorization Techniques

Maybe your child is spending the time “studying” but just isn’t doing it in an efficient way. We have the most researched tried-and-true memorization techniques that will make sure they will get results from the time they put into their work.

2nd Approach We Follow


At the end of the day, motivation is the biggest factor in whether a student will take the necessary steps to perform their best on test day. We’ll help your child get to the bottom of what drives them and make sure they have a compelling reason to put the work in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I heard there’s a new digital SAT coming out. How will that affect my child?2022-10-10T10:21:07-04:00

Great question! The short answer is, if your child is taking the SAT before March of 2024, they will be unaffected by this change. For an in-depth article on what we know so far about the new SAT, give this a read.

What’s the difference between the QAS and the SAS? Which should I order?2022-10-10T10:10:18-04:00

The short answer is that the QAS is the more useful of the two, and you should always order it when possible. For a more detailed answer, check out the blog post we wrote answering this question.

What is the difference between the SAT and ACT? Which test better suits my child?2022-10-10T10:10:04-04:00

The differences between the SAT and ACT have been stark in the past, but over the past 5 years, the tests have become very similar. The ACT is a faster-paced test. However, there are some other more nuanced distinctions between the two. We wrote a nice blog article about it.

Every student is different and some students perform better on the SAT, while others excel on the ACT. Before recommending a program to any student, we always have them take SAT and ACT diagnostic tests. Contact us to find out the next available diagnostic test dates and reserve your student’s spot.

Do you offer group SAT prep classes?2022-10-10T10:10:37-04:00

Our President’s first test prep job was working for a big-box national chain teaching classes of 15 students. That experience both inspired his love of test prep, and left him with the conviction that group classes would never be as effective as individualized test prep tutoring. Since then, we have stayed true to our mission of only offering 1-on-1 SAT and ACT prep.

What kind of increase can I expect to see in my student’s scores after SAT prep?2022-10-10T10:10:54-04:00

If a student is dedicated to their SAT or ACT prep program and puts in the work, her scores will improve. Exactly how much they will improve depends on the student’s baseline scores, ability, and effort. A 50 point increase from a 1550 to a 1600 seems impressive to some, while a 200 point increase from 900 to 1100 might seem unimpressive to others. No matter what your student is capable of achieving, our instructors goal is to help them reach their greatest potential.

How else can we support your child?

College Consulting

Whether you need help with college selection, college application support, or the essay, we are here to guide you and your child every step of the way.

Test Preparation

With tutors who have scored in the 99th percentile of the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE, we can help your child reach their potential on these tests.

Academic Tutoring

GPA is still the most important factor in the college admissions process, and we can help get it where it needs to be.

Many of our students attend…

Conestoga High School

Radnor High School

Great Valley High School

Malvern Prep

St. Joe’s Prep

The Haverford School

Lower Merion High School

Marple Newtown High School

Upper Merion High School

Princeton High School

The Agnes Irwin School

The Shipley School

Baldwin School for Girls

Moorestown Friends School

Villa Maria Academy

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