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College Admissions Consulting

Our Philosophy on College Admissions

At 17, I had my heart set on attending Cornell, convinced that getting in would make everything in my life perfect. Despite my rocky academic start with Cs until halfway through 10th grade, I realized the importance of my grades, worked tirelessly to improve, and took AP classes.

However, it wasn’t enough for Cornell. I wasn’t accepted. But I did receive an offer of guaranteed acceptance if I maintained a 3.2 GPA at any other college for my first year. I ended up choosing Ursinus College, far from a name brand school, but the school that offered the most financial aid.

But then, something unexpected happened. By the time I was eligible to transfer to Cornell, I had fallen in love with Ursinus, the friends I made, and the sense of community I found.

Looking back, I realize Cornell might not have been the best fit for me. In fact, at Ursinus, I met a professor who encouraged me to become a Chemistry tutor, which eventually led to test prep tutoring and the creation of Critical Point, which is now the highest-rated test prep, tutoring, and college admissions company on the Main Line.

My journey taught me that the most important aspect of college isn’t the prestige but finding the right fit. That’s our philosophy at Critical Point. We’re dedicated to helping students find the best fit college through Test Prep, Academic Tutoring, and College Consulting, ensuring they thrive in the right environment and achieve their full potential.

Andre Kiss
President & Founder

How we can help

What makes for the perfect essay?

Quality #1

The Perfect Topic

This is an essay’s foundation. You can write the most well-written narrative ever, but if you land on the wrong topic, it will fall flat. Students should write about themselves (not grandma, their best friend, or their hero) and present themselves as likable and interesting. Want to know some of the biggest mistakes and bad topics students choose? We wrote a nice blog article for you.

Spoiler Alert: you probably want to avoid sports essays!

Quality #2

Painting a Picture

We weren’t there for your horrible experience at summer camp. What was the temperature like? Was it cloudy or sunny? Was there an earthy smell from the damp soil that hovered in the air?

Painting a picture for the reader is one of the the things that all great writers do. We’ll help your child write in a way that paints a picture in the mind’s eye of the reader, while maintaining their unique voice.

Quality #3

Demonstrate Growth

Remember when you were 17 and thought you had life all figured out? We do too.

By showing admissions counselors that you’ve grown as a person and that you’re open to your continued growth, you show them that you’ll bring maturity and humility to their campus come fall.

Do you write students’ essays for them?

We do not. Not only would that be unethical, but it would rob from students the satisfaction and introspection that they would gain from going through the essay process themselves.

However, what we do provide is a process, from brainstorming to putting on the final touches of the essay, that helps students craft a captivating essay that complements the other aspects of their application.

We do this by asking the right questions to discover the perfect topic, guiding students to write with detail and intrigue, organizing that story, and proofreading and providing grammatical edits.

Our Students Get Accepted

Our students rock! Here is just a small sampling of the schools they’ve been accepted to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What college consulting services does Critical Point offer?2023-08-23T14:09:50-04:00

Critical Point offers comprehensive college consulting services. We specialize in college list building, essay writing guidance, and assistance with filling out the Common App. Our goal is to ensure every student we work with is well-prepared and confident throughout the college application process.

How can Critical Point help me select the right colleges to apply to?2023-08-23T14:09:46-04:00

At Critical Point, we adopt a personalized approach. We assess your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, interests, and career goals. With this information, we help you curate a list of colleges that not only align with your aspirations but also enhance your chances of admission.

I’m struggling with my college essay. How can Critical Point assist me?2023-08-23T14:09:41-04:00

Our team of experienced consultants will guide you through brainstorming topics, outlining your essay, and refining your drafts. We ensure your essay is compelling, authentic, and showcases your unique story, increasing your chances of standing out in the application pool.

What is the Common App and how can Critical Point help with it?2023-08-23T14:09:34-04:00

The Common Application (Common App) is a widely used college application platform accepted by over 900 colleges and universities. At Critical Point, we offer step-by-step guidance to navigate the Common App, ensuring all sections are accurately completed and presenting you in the best possible light.

Why should I choose Critical Point over other college consulting services?2023-08-23T14:09:28-04:00

Critical Point is committed to a personalized and holistic approach. We understand that every student’s journey is unique, and our services are tailored to individual needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible guidance, ensuring that each student feels supported and confident in their college application journey.

How early should I start working with Critical Point in my high school journey?2023-08-23T14:08:35-04:00

The earlier, the better! While we can assist students at any stage of their high school career, starting early allows us to guide you through course selections, extracurricular choices, and other preparatory steps, ensuring a strong foundation for your college applications.

How else can we support your child?

Test Preparation

Expert SAT and ACT Tutoring for your child to get them one step closer to their top-choice college.

Academic Tutoring

GPA is still the most important factor in the college admissions process, and we can help get it where it needs to be.

Study Skills

So many students’ grades suffer, not because they can’t understand the material, but because they simply don’t know how to study. We can help.

Many of our students attend…

Conestoga High School

Radnor High School

Great Valley High School

Malvern Prep

St. Joe’s Prep

The Haverford School

Lower Merion High School

Marple Newtown High School

Upper Merion High School

Princeton High School

The Agnes Irwin School

The Shipley School

Baldwin School for Girls

Moorestown Friends School

Villa Maria Academy

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