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SAT Tutor Jason Getchell

Jason Getchell

Associate Tutor

Highest Scores: SAT – 1560 ACT – 36

Jason is working towards his B.S.Ed. in Physics at West Chester University and loves taking students’ scores to the next level on the SAT and ACT. When he’s not tutoring, he spends his free time as a Student Ministry Intern at Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA. Jason‘s goal is to give students the knowledge and the confidence to succeed!

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SAT Tutor Nick Scoville

Nick Scoville

Associate Tutor

Highest Scores: SAT – 1550 ACT – 34

After receiving his PhD from Dartmouth College in Mathematics, Nick joined the faculty at Ursinus College where he chairs the Department of Mathematics. Nick loves to cook Indian food and BBQ, play ragtime piano, and keep up with his 5 daughters.

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Andre Kiss SAT Tutor

Andre Kiss

Founder, President

Highest Scores: SAT – 1590 ACT – 36

Andre Kiss started Critical Point Test Prep 7 years ago, after falling in love with helping students reach their potential on the SAT and ACT. He graduated from Ursinus College Summa Cum Laude and shortly thereafter spent 9 months in the Amazon region of Brazil on a Fulbright Scholarship from the US Department of State. He has a Border Collie named Harambe who loves to play frisbee!

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SAT Tutor Jason Getchell

Harambe Kiss

Tutor-in-training, Critical Point Test Prep

A very good boy, Harambe loves to play frisbee and will never say no to a game of tug. He has learned sit, down, stay, roll over, and various other commands, but continues to have difficulty grasping quadratic functions and trigonometry.

Highest Scores: SAT – n/a ACT – n/a

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