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A letter from our president

Like most students, I absolutely detested the SATs and ACTs back in high school— the tests gave me a lot of anxiety. I was always told I was bright and I did well in school, but the thought of not doing well on the test terrified me.

What would the other kids at school think of me? What would my parents think of me? Worst of all, what would I think of me? What if I’m not as smart as I thought I was?

At the end of the day, though, I had to suck it up and see how the cookie would crumble.

My test prep consisted of my mom dropping me off at Barnes and Noble and sitting at the cafe for three hours at a time with my blank notebook completing practice tests from the prep books they had in stock. Finally, I took the test and after the longest three weeks of my life, I received my results.

I missed the mark. While my scores were okay, I knew I was capable of better.

After graduating college a couple of years later, something weird happened. I started working as a test prep tutor. And I loved it. I immersed myself in the tests— I took every test that was available, learned all of the strategies, and filled in all of my conceptual gaps. I even started sitting for the official tests myself, and, to my surprise, I scored near-perfect on the SAT and the ACT.

How could it be? How was it that after I struggled so much with the test in high school I was now doing so well?

I realized that after working for several SAT tutoring companies big and small and helping hundreds of students, I now had the strategies, the concepts, and more importantly the confidence to score highly on the test. With the right concepts, strategies, and mindset, any student could score highly on these tests.

I started Critical Point Test Prep because I know what it’s like to struggle to increase my scores, and I’ve made it my mission ever since to give every student the skills they need to succeed on these tests.

Picture of SAT Tutor Andre Kiss

Andre Kiss
President, Founder

Our Team

Roger Cheng

Math Specialist

Most of us thought we were pretty bright until we met Roger. A former professor from the “MIT” of Hong Kong, Roger has his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, has coauthored more than 150 papers, and holds more than 25 patents. He assists students with any math, from pre-algebra to college level math, and helps students with physics and engineering as well.

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Willie Swei

Associate Instructor

Highest Scores: SAT – 1590 ACT – 36

When his high school ran out of math classes for him to take, Willie took Discrete Math at Ursinus College, where he met his fellow tutor teaching the class, Nick Scoville. That’s how Willie was introduced to us. When not helping students master the SAT or ACT, Willie can be found cooking a life-changing Korean short rib or Oyakodon.

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SAT Tutor Jason Getchell

Jason Getchell

Associate Instructor

Highest Scores: SAT – 1560 ACT – 36

In addition to taking students’ scores to the next level on the SAT and ACT, Jason is also a Physics guru. When he’s not tutoring or listening to the soundtrack from the Broadway musical Hamilton on repeat, he spends his free time as a Student Ministry Intern at Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA. Jason‘s goal is to give students the knowledge and the confidence to succeed!

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SAT Tutor Nick Scoville

Nick Scoville

Associate Instructor

Highest Scores: SAT – 1550 ACT – 34

After receiving his PhD from Dartmouth College in Mathematics, Nick joined the faculty at Ursinus College where he chairs the Department of Mathematics. Nick loves to cook Indian food and BBQ, play ragtime piano, and keep up with his 5 daughters.

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Andre Kiss SAT Tutor

Andre Kiss

Founder, President

Highest Scores: SAT – 1590 ACT – 36

Andre Kiss started Critical Point Test Prep 7 years ago, after falling in love with helping students reach their potential on the SAT and ACT. He graduated from Ursinus College Summa Cum Laude and shortly thereafter spent 9 months in the Amazon region of Brazil on a Fulbright Scholarship from the US Department of State. He has a Border Collie named Harambe who loves to play frisbee!

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SAT Tutor Jason Getchell

Harambe Kiss

Tutor-in-training, Critical Point Test Prep

A very good boy, Harambe loves to play frisbee and will never say no to a game of tug. He has learned sit, down, stay, roll over, and various other commands, but continues to have difficulty grasping quadratic functions and trigonometry.

Highest Scores: SAT – n/a ACT – n/a

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