Student Profile: Blake Steel

“This might sound crazy, but by the end of prep, I enjoyed taking the SAT.”

Blake’s journey with Critical Point started with a score of 1210. His tutor helped him boost his score to 1450 in just a few months, accommodating Blake’s busy extracurricular schedule by staying late for extra sessions when needed.

In addition to personalized tutoring sessions, Blake also received immediate score reports, was kept accountable between sessions, and had his questions answered throughout the week. This consistent support helped Blake stay on track and continually improve.

Thanks to the combined efforts of his tutors and his own hard work, Blake reached his goal of a 1550. This significant score increase was instrumental in his acceptance to Cornell University, an achievement he credits to the exceptional guidance he received from Critical Point.


Services: SAT Tutoring
Score Improvement: 1210 to 1550

Number of Sessions: 18

High School: Radnor High School
Hometown: Wayne, PA
College: Cornell University
Major: Human Development