Student Profile: Cole Preschutti

“Before working with Critical Point, I wasn’t a great test taker.”

Cole’s journey with Critical Point was transformative. Initially scoring 1010 on his PSAT, he struggled with standardized tests despite being a strong student in school. The SAT presented unique challenges that classroom success hadn’t prepared him for. However, after working with Critical Point, Cole saw a significant improvement. His tutor focused on building his foundational understanding of test strategies and concepts, helping him feel more confident and less anxious.

As Cole progressed through his sessions, he encountered initial frustration when results were not immediately visible. His tutor reassured him that patience and persistence were key, as mastering the SAT’s intricacies takes time. This advice proved invaluable; with consistent practice and guidance, Cole’s score increased dramatically to 1390. The individualized attention he received played a crucial role in this improvement, allowing him to address specific weaknesses and develop effective test-taking strategies.

By the end of his prep journey, Cole not only achieved a substantial score increase but also gained skills that extended beyond the SAT. He learned to manage test anxiety and approach challenging problems methodically, skills that will benefit him in his future academic endeavors at Clemson University, where he will study finance and economics. The personalized support from Critical Point was instrumental in transforming his approach to standardized testing and boosting his overall confidence.


Services: SAT Tutoring
Score Improvement: 1010 to 1390

Number of Sessions: 29

High School: Spring-Ford High School
Hometown: Collegeville, PA
College: Clemson University
Major: Finance and Economics