Student Profile: Grant Crump

“The ACT felt like a looming monster, but Critical Point made it manageable.”

Grant Crump, a graduate of Conestoga High School, significantly improved his ACT score and refined his college admissions essay with the help of Critical Point. Initially daunted by the ACT, he found the test overwhelming. However, through personalized tutoring, he learned strategies that made the process smoother, boosting his confidence.

Grant’s ACT score soared from 25 to 32, a remarkable seven-point increase. He credits his tutor for teaching him essential test-taking strategies, particularly in the reading section, where he learned to go back to the text to find answers. His newfound skills not only improved his performance but also made the testing experience more enjoyable.

In addition to ACT prep, Grant worked with a college consultant on his admissions essay. Initially unsure about his topic, the guidance he received solidified his ideas, helping him craft a strong essay. Grant now looks forward to studying neuroscience at Florida State University, confident in the path he has chosen.


Services: ACT Tutoring, College Consulting
Score Improvement: 25 to 32 (ACT)

Number of Sessions: 20 (ACT Tutoring) 3 (College Consulting)

High School: Conestoga High School
Hometown: Wayne, PA
College: Florida State University
Major: Neuroscience