Student Profile: Henri Brunel

“It was great to have somebody there to keep me accountable each week in the process.”

When Henri first came to Critical Point, he had already dipped his toes into the world of SAT prep with another company. However, that experience left him disenchanted and underwhelmed, mainly due to the lack of personalized attention and disorganized resources. “I felt like a number instead of a person,” he recalls.

Fortunately, a friend’s recommendation brought him to us, and the contrast couldn’t have been more striking. “From the very first lesson, I knew this was a whole different ballgame,” Henri tells us. “The one-on-one sessions and the connection with my tutor just made it an entirely different experience.” “It made me want to do better,” he admits. “I was working with someone I knew genuinely cared about my progress.”

Henri didn’t just stop at SAT prep. He also took advantage of Critical Point’s college consulting services, a decision that helped demystify an otherwise overwhelming process. “With regular sessions, my tutor kept me on track. We brainstormed essay topics, eventually choosing to focus on my experience as a glider pilot, something that paints a vivid picture of who I am.”

The benefit of having an objective, experienced eye looking at his essays was invaluable to Henri. “My tutor’s guidance illuminated the strengths and weaknesses of my essays, helping to refine them into something truly reflective of me.”

And did it pay off? “Absolutely,” Henri asserts. “Putting in the effort now lays the foundation for the rest of your life. My tutor and the Critical Point team ensured I was doing everything the right way. The diligence paid extraordinary dividends.”

Today, Henri is looking forward to the next chapter of his academic journey, armed with invaluable skills, refined essays, and a newfound sense of confidence. And we at Critical Point couldn’t be more proud of how far he’s come.


Services: SAT Tutoring, College Consulting
Score Improvement: 1410 to 1520

Number of sessions: 16 (Test Prep), 14 (College Consulting)

High School: Conestoga High School
Hometown: Devon, PA
College: Wake Forest University
Major: Finance