Student Profile: John Rouse

“I don’t think I would have gotten into Boston College without Critical Point.”

John’s journey with Critical Point through the admissions essay process was transformative. Initially overwhelmed by the complexities of his college applications, John found clarity and direction through one-on-one sessions with his consultant. They helped him identify his unique strengths and experiences, which he could highlight in his essays, setting him apart from other applicants.

Through collaborative brainstorming and strategic planning, John learned to focus on a personal story that showcased his character. This personalized approach not only improved the quality of his essays but also boosted his confidence in the application process. His consultant provided invaluable feedback, helping John trim his drafts from over 2000 words to the concise, impactful 650-word limit required by colleges.

Ultimately, John’s hard work and the support he received from Critical Point paid off when he was accepted into Boston College. The experience taught him the importance of authenticity in his writing and left him with skills that extend beyond college applications, laying a foundation for success in his future academic endeavors.


Services: College Consulting

Number of Sessions: 12

High School: The Haverford Schoold
Hometown: Haverford, PA
College: Boston College
Major: Finance