Student Profile: Kaden Bothma

“After working with Critical Point, the SAT felt much less daunting, and I felt much more confident on the test in general.”

Kaden Bothma started his SAT prep journey with a goal to improve his initial score of 1360. He turned to Critical Point for personalized guidance, focusing on his specific weaknesses, especially in vocabulary. This targeted approach helped him build a strong foundation and steadily progress.

The accountability and structure provided by his tutor were invaluable. Weekly sessions kept him on track and ensured consistent practice. Kaden worked on practice tests and reviewed personalized packets, mastering the various SAT question types and concepts.

On test day, Kaden achieved an impressive score of 1500, a 140-point increase. He felt confident and well-prepared, as if he had taken the test multiple times. This confidence and proficiency opened doors to numerous college opportunities, including the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he will be studying business. Kaden’s journey showcases the effectiveness of personalized tutoring and diligent practice.


Services: SAT Tutoring
Score Improvement: 1360 to 1500

Number of Sessions: 12

High School: Marple Newtown High School
Hometown: Broomall, PA
College: Georgia Tech Institute of Technology
Major: Business