Student Profile: Matt Gusdorff

“Just having someone to talk to one-on-one after I took a practice test made me more aware of myself as a student.”

For Matt Gusdorff, scoring a 1600 on the SAT wasn’t just about intense studying—it was about the power of confidence. Matt credits his high SAT score to not only the wealth of materials he had at his disposal but also to the unique one-on-one tutoring experience he received at Critical Point.

With the tailored support from his tutor, Matt didn’t just review his wrong answers; he delved deep into the areas that he needed to improve. This individual attention made Matt aware of himself as a student, a quality he believes is often missing in classroom or group settings. “Having that one-on-one is really helpful in honing in on what you need to work on,” Matt says.

According to Matt, his journey with Critical Point went beyond just practice; it developed his skills and knowledge through the power of confidence. By adopting an “I got this” mindset, Matt was able to keep pace during the exam and tackle problems effectively, ultimately leading to his impressive score. And it all began with a personalized approach that focused on his specific needs. “It’s not just about knowing the material; it’s about having strategies for when you’re stuck. That’s what Critical Point provided for me,” he adds.

We’re so proud of Matt, and we can’t wait to see what the next stage of his journey holds!


Services: SAT Tutoring
Score Improvement: 1230 to 1600

Number of Sessions: 16

High School: Conestoga High School
Hometown: Devon, PA
College: Haverford College
Major: Computer Science