Student Profile: Sachin Blake

“The biggest advantage for me of working with Critical Point was the personalization. You’re working one-on-one with a tutor, and they really understood me.”

Before starting with Critical Point, Sachin Blake’s only experience with the SAT was a PSAT taken in school. Despite being a solid test-taker, he felt unprepared and intimidated by the SAT, particularly the reading and writing sections, which were different from other tests he had encountered in school.

Working with Critical Point provided Sachin with personalized tutoring, which made a significant difference. His tutor understood his learning style and tailored the practice to his needs, focusing on repetition and correcting mistakes. This approach helped Sachin feel more confident and prepared on test day, as he had encountered similar questions during his practice sessions.

Sachin’s experience with Critical Point extended beyond SAT prep. The advice he received also positively impacted his overall school experience and life approach. This personalized attention and deep understanding from his tutor and college consultant were crucial in helping him achieve a successful and enjoyable test prep journey, culminating in a high SAT score and acceptance to Washington University in St. Louis, where he plans to study neuroscience.


Services: SAT Tutoring, College Consulting
Score Improvement: 1440 to 1560

Number of sessions: 14 (SAT Prep), 7 (College Consulting)

High School: Conestoga High School
Hometown: Devon, PA
College: Washington University in St. Louis
Major: Neuroscience