Student Profile: Sanaya Mathew

“Before I came to Critical Point, the SAT was kind of impossible because of how hard everybody made it seem. “

Sanaya Mathew’s prep journey began with a sense of hopelessness, finding the SAT intimidating and seemingly impossible. Initially scoring a 1210 on her diagnostic exam, she felt uncertain about college admissions. Seeking help from Critical Point, she received targeted instruction and strategies that significantly impacted her preparation. Her tutor’s advice to take the reading section at face value drastically reduced her errors, building her confidence.

Adopting a strategic approach, Sanaya focused on each test section individually, managing her time and energy better. Multiple mock tests under realistic conditions further reduced her anxiety. Her dedication led to a significant score improvement; after taking the SAT three times, her final score was 1490, a 280-point increase. This boost reflected her hard work and gave her a strong edge in college applications.

Beyond test prep, Sanaya worked with her college consultant at Critical Point on her application essays. The consultant’s direct and gracious feedback helped her refine her essays, capturing her story and strengths. This professional guidance offered an objective perspective that peers and family might not provide. Combining personalized tutoring, strategic practice, and essay review, Sanaya’s journey with Critical Point significantly boosted her SAT scores and confidence, equipping her with compelling application materials for the next step in her academic career.


Services: SAT Tutoring, College Consulting
Score Improvement: 1210 to 1490

Number of Sessions: 20

High School: Coventry Christian School
Hometown: Collegeville, PA
College: Purdue University
Major: Mathematics