Student Profile: Siena Miller

“Going into the test, I felt way more confident and comfortable in my skills. I knew that I had prepared just enough to give it my best.”

Siena Miller’s journey with Critical Point began with significant anxiety and apprehension about the SAT. Initially, she viewed the test as an overwhelming and decisive factor for her future, causing her considerable stress.

Working with Critical Point transformed her experience. The one-on-one tutoring sessions were tailored to her specific needs, focusing on her individual struggles and providing personalized strategies. This tailored approach not only improved her skills but also significantly boosted her confidence. The focused attention and customized strategies, especially in time management, helped her tackle sections she previously found challenging, like math and grammar.

The results of Siena’s preparation were nothing short of remarkable. Her score increased by 230 points, reaching a final score of 1550. The moment she saw her final score was one of disbelief and immense relief, underscoring the effectiveness of her prep. She attributes this success to the disciplined structure and the invaluable tips and tricks provided by her tutor at Critical Point. The process, which she initially dreaded, became manageable and even enjoyable, allowing her to approach the test with confidence and a clear understanding of what to expect. This journey not only improved her test-taking abilities but also provided her with a sense of accomplishment and validation of her hard work and potential.


Services: SAT Tutoring
Score Improvement: 1320 to 1550

Number of sessions: 19

High School: Spring-Ford HS
Hometown: Collegeville, PA
College: Clemson University
Major: International Relations & Business