Student Profile: Stella Berger

“My tutor believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.”

For Stella Berger, a student at the Grayson School in Pennsylvania, the SAT was initially a daunting challenge. Despite having completed relevant math courses and holding the knowledge needed for the test, the way to apply it was elusive. “The problems felt really intimidating,” she admits. However, her perspective changed dramatically when she started her one-on-one tutoring sessions at Critical Point.

She found Critical Point through a friend who had achieved significant score improvements under the guidance of their talented teachers. Her previous experiences with other test prep services had left her skeptical, but her tutor at Critical Point was different. They not only taught her effective strategies tailored to her needs but also inspired self-confidence and motivation within her. “My tutor really believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself,” Stella says.

The individualized attention and approach not only improved Stella’s SAT score but also her belief in her abilities. Ultimately, her hard work and the dedicated support from Critical Point helped her achieve more than she had ever dreamed—gaining admission to New York University, her dream school, where she plans to study biology on a pre-health track to become a surgeon.


Services: SAT Tutoring
Score Improvement: 1360 to 1560

High School: The Grayson School
Hometown: Wayne, PA
College: NYU
Major: Biomedical Engineering